The Locale Farm

How do you satisfy your cravings for strawberries? Do you go to the market and look for strawberries? Do you always get to eat these berries when you crave them? I bet you'll find it every day with The Locale Farm. 

Sounds like a new brand? Yes, it is! It has been almost a year in the making to have this group of farmers from Madaymen Benguet be united with one goal - To promote our very own strawberries not only locally but also internationally soon. The good news is, you'll never have to look anywhere for strawberries in your area: The Locale Farm is just a click away! 

They offer fresh and safe-to-eat strawberries that are an excellent source of Vitamin C, fiber, folate, potassium, and antioxidants. Their aim is to be known as the source of a high-class strawberry, yet consumers don't need to spend more to buy one. If you've been buying berries in small quantities, paying half a thousand in the market, this is going to be a good buy for you this time. The Locale Farm picks your strawberries a day before your delivery, packs your order with love and care, and is always excited to hear your feedback. 

Do you plan to order now? The Locale Farm is available online, and they also have their Facebook page. So the next time you crave that heart-shaped, brightly red, juicy edible fruit, you know where to contact them. The Locale Farm values every customer like they value their strawberries, and like other online stores - a money-back guarantee is given if necessary. 

Let's support The Locale Farm that will give you the convenience of buying your berries without falling in line and paying less than what you pay for in the market. They will let you feel you were the ones who personally picked those strawberries for your cravings. Let's start loving our own. Let's start supporting our local farmers. Support The Locale Farm.